MTS episode 85 “KILLA B part 3”

Hello brothers & sisters! I hope all is awesome in all of your lives!

Mastering The System is the online instructional of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed at 10p Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. Episode 85 is all about UFC fighter Ben Saunders’ second training camp at 10pHq. His first camp, which was included in previous episodes of MTS, was all about bottom game; 3/4 rubber guard, full rubber guard plus a large part of the lockdown half game. This time around I wanted to make sure I injected the twister system into Ben’s arsenal and after 2 weeks of massive drilling, the mission was accomplished. In this episode see the drills I put Ben through, learn the crucial super detailed steps to the twister, from the back and from side control scrambles. There have been many tweaks since the release of MASTERING THE TWISTER the book and DVD, so even if you are already hitting twisters, I promise you there will be new important pieces to the game that you’ve never seen before. Bottom line, if you are interested in mastering the twister, including the most critical paths to the truck, this episode is EXTREMELY VITAL. Thank you for the support!! -Eddie