Hello brothers and sisters, I hope all is beautiful 🙂 Mastering The System is the online instructional series of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed on location at 10p HeadQuarters. in downtown Los Angeles. Plan B is a powerful option from the dogfight position. There are many options from this pivotal position in the system; limp arm, twist back, old school, half and half, the mookie, cow catcher, powder keg, full guard and more. Getting to dogfight and mastering the options from dogfight is absolutely vital, as well as defending it, with a whizzar/overhook and solid footwork. This position, offensively and defensively, must be fully understood. Once in dogfight, you either go right thru him via half and half and old school, or you go around him because your opponent’s whizzar is too strong. When you master plan b, you learn how to use that powerful whizzar against him. Plan b works great against superior wrestlers and judokas. It’s a little more technical and bit more sophisticated than all the other dogfight options but nonetheless you must have it in your arsenal for a complete well rounded dogfight game. Also in this episode I break down another great option off dogfight, the drowning whizzar. This option is a big money move that takes you right to spider web by jumping on a swim move. Again, this is another option that works well against someone that has a whizzar from hell. So jump right into this episode and tighten up your dogfight game, you’re gonna need it! Thank you for the support! Enjoy! -Eddie 🙂

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