MTS episode 99 “Twister Side Control” is now LIVE!

Hello brothers and sisters, I hope all is beautiful 🙂

Mastering The System is the online instructional series of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu” filmed on location at 10p HeadQuarters. in downtown Los Angeles. Twister side control or tsc is my side control of choice. Regular side control and judo side control are VERY important to fully understand and master as well but in my opinion tsc is the best form of side control, especially if you have a well developed truck game. In this episode I will breakdown all the benefits of mastering tsc and will show you the crucial details of this dominating position, including how to turn your opponent’s number 1 side control escape strategy against him, and I will show you how take your opponent’s back from twister side control and of course, I will show you the most important truck entry in my game, from tsc. Also in this episode I polish vital details in the meat hook, Gogo clinch and the carni, all must-learn material for those of you on a mission to master the rubber guard. Thank you for your support and enjoy! -Eddie 🙂

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