Hello brothers and sisters, I hope all is beautiful 🙂

Mastering The System is the online instructional series of the unorthodox nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style, “10th Planet Jiu Jitsu”; filmed on location at 10p HeadQuarters in downtown Los Angeles. Well soldiers, we’re at a hundred episodes now. That’s about 100 hours of vital nogi Jiu Jitsu lessons!! Holy Jesus. And for only 5 bucks a month you have access to it all. That should keep yalls busy for a VERY long time. For the 100th episode of MTS, I thought “What would be better than featuring a giant grip of my black belts teaching some of their premiere go2 techniques?” Nothing. And that’s exactly what went down. In this episode you’re gonna get loads and loads and loads of beautiful nogi weapons, including super advanced moves, like high level rubber guard, and the latest in the leg lock game, right down to the crucial basics including modern passing, butterfly sweeping and guard breaking essentials. Words can’t fully express how incredibly blessed I feel to be part of the this wonderful association filled with beautiful people from all around the world, and for the last 13 years it’s been absolutely amazing to witness these students of mine, sweat, bleed, scratch and claw to reach the black belt level. My 10th Planet brothers and sisters, I love you all! Enjoy -Eddie

(Go to 10thplanetjj.com/techniques and subscribe to MASTERING THE SYSTEM. Have access to all 100 episodes for only $4.99 a month)