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    Beta Academy
    Washington, DC

    Any Washington D.C. Training Partners?

    Sorry if I'm missing it in the search function, but not seeing training partners listed. Is there anyone in the D.C. area that trains 10p? I know there isn't a moon and apparently the hotbox thing is dead. I'm at beta academy downtown, and have a home gym in maryland with fuji mats etc, just really interested in finding 10p aficionados to learn the system with, could be at your gym, my gym, or wherever. I also go up to NYC monthly for work and plan on making drop ins at the Woodbridge moon a habit. Also, a little unclear on what the current status of hotboxes is, because I'd be interested in doing that if it is still a thing. Not looking for money or anything like that but would discuss paying someone to come for private lessons, or potentially could talk backing for a hotbox/moon in the future. Ronin until then.

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