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    10th Planet Hollywood
    Los Angeles

    Must watch video.

    what are your thoughts on this video? I don't believe in any religion but what creeps me out is that the events written in the bible are starting to come true. That soon there will be natural disasters, animals dying, RFID Chip (mark of the beast 666) etc. Was the bible written by the elite? Will the world end in a couple of years? Or maybe this is caused by HAARP, the government property in Alaska. Btw, why would the government put chemtrails all across the U.S? Wouldn't that poison them as well?what are your thoughts??
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    It would be nice if they didnt add extra things to cause more fear in people. Not far off from recent advertisers using 2012 end of the world things in companies commercials to sell whatever they're trying to sell.
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    Great video Jason. The shit is getting closer to hitting the fan.


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