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    DZ BJJ
    We Live In An Eyeball - Kron Gracie
    Anything by the Cocteau Twins.

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    I'm sure some of you have caught on that I am somewhat of a Korean pop music (Kpop) fanatic.

    I think this is the very best album that has come out recently.

    One of my favorite aspects of Kpop is how its common for one member of most groups (guy or girl) to be a seriously talented rapper. TWICE is known for being generally super-melodic with seemingly random hot-fire rap breaks.

    In my opinion some of these tracks go toe-to-toe with any Grammy award winners (I would love a second opinion from some of the more musically inclined experts, because personally I have always been much more into movies than music in general). My favorite tracks are ROLLIN' and DING DONG. Runner ups are LIKEY, WOW, Heart Shaker, and FFW.

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    I have posted it here before, but its my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG so its worth posting again.
    I would use this as an MMA walkout song LOL hello bitches!!

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    ...before that this was my all time favorite song haha LUDA!

    ...yea I am a white boy but I like to joke that I am half-black, half-asian on the inside.
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    I did go through a serious classic rock phase as a teenager tho. Rush, Styx, and Pink Floyd were my favorites.
    Rush was the first band I ever saw live in concert! United Center in Chicago, it was epic. Neal Peart best drummer.

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    Styx greatest hits used to be my favorite CD. I used to spin that disc in my pocket on the school bus!

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    One more Rush song. Too good.

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    I think I would rank Dark Side of the Moon the greatest album of all time.
    The whole album is a masterpiece but this is probably my favorite song.

    (...also its worth watching this along with the old Wizard of Oz movie LOL)

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    Austin, TX
    Every time. And turn it up. On the Dark side from the Eddie and the cruisers movie.

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    Gracie Barra
    Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

    and the original one too, goosebumps every time
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