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    my first no gi class....

    iv been lurking on here for about 6 to 8 months while recovering from a partially torn achilles that i suffered feb 1 2012, and today was finally my first no gi class. class was great , with a bunch of positive energy people, which is partially the reason for joining, becasue i understand how important it is in life to surround yourself with positive energy. i just wanted to thank everybody on the forum for sharing your knowledge and for the positive energy being shared via the forum. i also want to personally thank everybody associated with 10th planet for being a positive influence on my mindset. and thank you master eddie for all the passion and hard work that you pour into 10th planet. the sense of community i feel from the forum and MTS is so special that i just want everybody to know that it is deeply appreciated.

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    welcome back, keep training hard. also...and more importantly, train SMART. Going balls to the wall with other white belts all the time only leads to injuries aka loss of training time and potential skill gains.


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