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    Cannabis Oil being used to CURE epilepsy

    So I work at a research Hospital along with my family and my Mom is a Program Coordinator for one of our research clinics that deal with muscular diseases. I just had lunch with her and she was talking about this research project that they're wrapping up and sending in for FDA and federal approval because of it's MASSIVE success rate.

    Basically, they had a sample size of ~250 (Originally started with 50) patients that ranged in age from 9 years old to 17 years old that all had severe epileptic seizures, the threshold for this project was that they had to have at least 2 grand mal seizures a week (For those that are unaware, that is the type of seizure where you lose consciousness and have muscle spasms, also the type of seizure that can kill you. Most people with epilepsy only have 2 or 3 in their entire lives, so 2/week is EXTREMELY high) or as they opened it up they needed to have at least 5 smaller seizures a week.

    The treatment was incredibly simple, it was a small dose of CBD oil. CBD oil is basically just Hemp oil from very specific strains of Marijuana. My Mom who is/was one of the most anti-legalization people I've ever met, said she thought this project was stupid but when they saw the results from the first 50 she was mind blown. The first 50 test subjects all had to have at least 2 grand mal seizures a week to be eligible and all 50 of them stopped having seizures, almost immediately. When they decided to expand the study out to 250, over 12 months she said that in the total time being studied they've only had 7 seizures from 2 different patients (6 from 1, and the other patient only had 1). Which means it had a 100% success rate on 248 of the 250 patients over a year.

    When the parents were told that the study was being stopped because the results were conclusive and that it was being submitted for federal approval my mom said the parents cried because they were afraid their children were going to go back to have seizures again. Luckily, our Hospital is securing funding to continue treatment for these patients during the approval process.

    My mom has done a complete 180 on Cannabis since this project and her group is actively looking for additional CBD oil projects because of the success of this one. Also, one of the biggest things that jumped out to her was the price. The average price per dose for epilepsy medicine is around $2-3 / pill; each CBD dose costs about .25 cents.

    I found this amazing, thought some of you might find it interesting too.

    (Here's an article on CBD oil being used for epilepsy treatment from CURE: )

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    Medical Cannabis is being legalised in Australia. These types of studies are one of the reasons. There are quite a few studies now regards CBD oil and epilepsy.

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    That is actually true. That is the reason why I am using kratom for almost a year. It is really a nice medicine, which helps and works! If you want to try, you can buy it from

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    Yeah, that is for real a useful share. And I really believe that cbd treats disease. Because I was very depressed because of tiring at work, I had bad disposition and often headaches. The thing that saved me was cbd cartridge for my vape that one of my friends gave me. That was like a magic, but I started to sleep better and headaches have gone. This oils can really treat nerves etc. That is why the next day I have ordered a package for me.


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