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    my last inncodent with ringworm was my ringworm from hell. i got it on my jawline which is also where i shave. it would go away then reappear days later. after a few days of my facial hair growing back it would be harder to notice the ringworm was coming back ( i shave like once a week ). 2 things i didnt think about that were probably helping it come back was 1, i wasnt changing my razor out and 2 my collar of my jacket also rubbed that part of my face time to time. after getting rid of the razor and washing the jacket more often plus using defense soap it finally went away and its been about a month so i think im in the clear! ring worm can be a pain in the ass at times

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    dude in my school told me he uses selson blue medicated, like the shampoo. he said it clears it up in a few days. all three of his kids wrestle and do judo and he has had plenty of run ins.

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    You should get informed when it comes to stuff like this. A good friend of mine started balding at the young age of 27 and he was panicking at first, he thought he had cancer or some kind of disease. After the doctor told him that it wasnít cancer, he was interested to find out what was the problem since the doctor said it could be genetical, but no one in his family has bald spots. Yet he has, and after he researched a bit, he found this website, and from what Iíve heard he was pleasantly surprised with the results in less than 2 weeks.

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