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    Ralek Gracie AMA on BJJ Reddit, Speaks on Bravo v. Gracie 2

    []blonders1 9 points 3 hours ago
    What was your opinion on Eddie vs Royler 2?

    []RalekGracie[S] 43 points 2 hours ago
    Eddie imposed his game well. It didn't seem to me that Royler had his classic competition focus. One of my main regrets was removing an instagram post after the match giving Eddie props for the match saying "he was not a fluke afteral". I was under pressure from family who said I was making it seem like Eddie won and that was unfair given it ended in a draw. I felt it articulated that he was able to still keep a certain level of dominance 10 years later. I was emotional and under a lot of stress so I took it down. Appologies for that one.

    []shnoopshnashne 6 points an hour ago
    eyy one of the gracies saying eddie won is good enough for me.

    This is an except from an AMA Ralek did on BJJ Reddit tonight. Sorry for the shittyness


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