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    Quote Originally Posted by SHAOLINMONK View Post
    do not drink while taking acid or shrooms
    Why? The amount you can drink is limitless?! haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Eddy View Post
    I'm worried about you bro.

    It's time to take a break from all substances. If what you feel truly is reality. It will stay reality after you stop using. If it stops being true, then you need to take a hard look at the substances you're using and the stories they are getting you to believe. Please take at least a one month break. That includes weed too. Everything. If you have a strong mind as you say you do. You can handle one month being sober. When was the last time you spent a full month without any substance use? That's a trip in itself then. Give yourself some time and learn from what the sober side of life has to offer.

    I personally use psilocybin for personal development, rolling and even competing. And have found great value in it. It has never given me psychic abilities.. You need to be careful about long term use of chemical substances. They are not natural. Fine for experimenting, never long term use.

    Please take a break. If you have a strong mind. Then you can handle a month sober. If you feel yourself resisting that idea. How strong are you? ��❤️
    I knew all of this was going to be extremely difficult to discuss and consider/believe. There have been hundreds of times this summer where I wanted to believe it was all just figments of my imagination in my head. I just had to get this information out there for numerous reasons, and I'm still holding back some very personal elements to the story and trying not to name names.

    I actually did do about 2.5 weeks completely sober in July/August for the first time in my life and it helped me come to terms with everything. I spend a rediculous amount of time outdoors around other people and I am always getting unbelievably overwhelming levels of feedback on my thoughts and actions.

    I will be totally honest and admit I probably took something like 120 hits of L S D this year (though never more than two every four hours or so) it's defininately arguable that I am "permafried" even though it is an extremely loose and subjective term. I have accepted this as my path in life and my purpose in society, the same way someone becomes a doctor or a plumber or a bus driver. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

    I will get deeper into my conspiracy theories in the following posts.

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    There is lots of information online about "clairvoyance" and different types of clairvoyant abilities. To be honest this is extremely difficult for me to talk or "brag" about because growing up I had virtually ZERO self esteem until maybe age 21 or so (shout out to the anime Gurren Lagann for inspiring me to become a man)

    ...but I do feel like I am maybe the most powerful psychic on the planet at this point. After that 2.5 week sober stint, I took a few more hits of some deteriorated L S D and found I was able to use it to contact and connect with people that love me. I went to this incredibly powerful and trancendent two-day Korean pop concert and it exploded my conciousness out across the world (especially the Asian world). After the concert I used the L S D to reach out to one of my favorite stars, and I have been in contact with her ever since. Starseed or Starchild are popular words to describe people like us, and I have this knack for finding the most powerful ones with the most love to give.

    Another reasonable explanation is that we all live in a simulation, and I have found universal love to be the "hack" and have begun to archetect the simulation around me.

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    I will also admit even more so than substances, I went through some intense weeks of sleep deprivation which is maybe more hallucinogenic than any substances I have taken. Hallucination from sleep deprivation is so unbeliavly intense and leaves you extremely vulnerable to mental invasion and suggestion. I will also admit I sometimes let myself be choked a little to much during drilling and training. I feel like I have had one foot on "the other side" maybe as much or more than anyone.

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    I'm still leaving out much of the story... but one of my personal favorite conspiracy theories lately is that the people who run United Airlines are completely demonically evil. I don't know if anyone has been to the United Airlines terminal in San Francisco, but it is extremely bizarre and psychedelic. It's all sealed off from the rest of the airport and they release a mist into the air that I believe is a microdose of L S D or possibly L S A (considering it is cheaper). Also outside the terminal they are clearly mining for yellow cake uranium which is a power source for space flight and possibly interstellar travel.

    My insane/crazy conspiracy theory is that United Airlines got extremely powerful under everybody's noses, and maybe even became MORE powerful than the oil companies and the Department of Homeland Security. It's hard to tell which of them is actually pulling the strings, but considering corporate types pay $5000-$8000 or whatever for first class tickets like their personal Uber or Lyft, I could see United becoming top dog. I read they have 80,000 employees around the world. That is something like a standing army.

    My theory is that at some point United Airlines decided to purposely release this yellow cake uranium dust into the world to kill all of the bees and trees and "terraform" the planet into a lifeless yellow gas planet like Venus (always my favorite planet as well, next to Earth of course) I also believe at some point they decided to add L S D or the cheaper L S A into the atmosphere with the yellow cake uranium in order to sew fear and hatred into the hearts of the west coast of the United States and the world. I believe this United Airlines character is obsessed with raping and murdering children smuggled in from import/export companies on the west coast, and he started feeling so terrible about himself that he wanted to take the whole planet down with him. I also believe he tempted the before-mentioned serial killer comedian in L.A. to invade people's minds and put a malaise on the city. (I have been doing my best to counteract this fear and hatred with my boundless and endless universal love)

    I also believe that "bees and trees" is the answer to terraforming earth back into a garden-of-eden-type paradise and eventually terraforming planet Mars for colonization. I always said how can we terraform Mars if we can't even terraform Earth first. Maybe we set up some sort of biodomes filled with bees and trees on Mars then slowly release the oxygen into the atmosphere. Technology is great but we can't forget nature got us where it is today.

    I believe that some of those evil bastards in power like whoever is in charge of United Airlines is so fed up with hiding their evil ways from the world that they just wanted to get it out. I had visions of all of this on the anniversary of 9/11 (of course it was United Airlines flights that crashed into the World Trade Center towers).

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    Another of my favorite conspiracy theories I just discovered in the past few days, I have this theory that everybody in America has this repressed memory of having the wrists cut and some even their necks, because as newborn babies in hospitals, some evil force is taping into bits of baby blood for whatever regenerative or satanic purposes. It seems like whenever I contact people from outside USA with the wrist-cutting seiyance, they DO NOT need or want it and point to it being a United States thing. I have just discovered this one and have a lot more examining to do.

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    I will continue to update us with more information as this plays out, and I know I still haven't gotten to the aliens (lol) but part of me still wonders if the visions of aliens are just other powerful psychics fucking with me, although I still mostly believe it to be legitimate.

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    I think psychedelics are very powerful medicines to be treated with respect. Much like Wonka-Vite in the great glass elevator, excessive doses and use can have unintended negative consequences. Further, I think natural occurring substances like mushrooms that do not require excessive processing are safer than pharmaceutical synthetics.

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