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    Tony is the type of guy...

    Since this is turning into a legitimate inteenet meme, here are some of the best I've seen so far:

    Tony is the type of guy

    to chew on ice cubes just to condition his teeth.

    to wear sunglasses under a Halloween mask.

    to purposefully wait in a Black Friday shopping line for the sole purpose of testing his own patience.

    to eat a Kitkat bar without breaking it.

    to get into a staring contest with the sun.

    to pull the cops over.

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    Its all because we love Tony, of course

    Tony doesnt elbow his mook jong because he doesnt want to take chunks out of it

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    Just saw this one:

    Tony ferguson is the type of guy to take a dump in the USADA urine test.

    Hahaha... rightfully so, since now we know they are full of shit, trying to deny Jones' microdosing.

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    Tony is the type of guy to give his corner advise between rounds (that’s you too Eddie!)

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    Here are some of my favorites from here.

    Tony is the type of guy to sprawl when his grandma hugs him.

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that when he was born he cut his own umbilical cord with an elbow strike.

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to choke himself to fall asleep.


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