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    The Periodic Table of Elements and The Genesis Creation: From Atom to Adam

    I hear people say often that The Bible is not a science book. While this might be true on the surface, perhaps if it is read as a parable or an analogy rather than only literally, maybe it does match with real Element science.

    2019 is The International Year of the Periodic Table of Elements as it Mark's 150 years since a Russian Chemist, Dmitri Mendeleev discovered in a dream, that the Elements abide by what is called the Periodic Law. This discovery launched us into the 2nd industrial revolution and is considered by many to be the greatest scientific achievement in the history of mankind.

    The Periodic Table of Elements is perhaps the only peice of information that is Universal regardless of language or what part of the world you live in. If we were ever to make contact with an intelligent Alien civilization, the information contained within the Periodic Table of Elements might be the only way we could truly communicate with another species to indicate our own intelligence and knowledge of the Universe.

    The Periodic Table of Elements gives us a glimpse into the underlying organizing principles of the smallest building blocks of matter. Elements are plotted based on the fundamental order of just 2 Particles, Protons and Electrons. By listing these Elements in Order, we can use the arrangement of Elements to make predictions about how Atoms will behave with one another, based on where the Elements are located in the Periodic Table.

    In other words, the Periodic Table gets its predictive power based solely on the Simple Order of the Elements. With that being said, the greatest deceptions contain Elements of Truth. If you look closely at the Iconic Periodic Table of Elements, it is in fact broken, with 30 Elements placed out of order for no better reason than to "save paper space". Now, this not seem like a big deal, but in a system which gets its predictive power from order, it would seem unwise to arbitrarily place Elements out of order. Not to mention, as the Standard, they also exclude those 30 Elements that are placed out of order from the numbering system and apply numbering that is innacurate to observation and experimental data.

    This makes learning, what is again, hailed as the most important scientific discovery in the history of mankind, much more difficult to learn and understand than it needs to be. This knowledge is so important that it should be as fundamental as counting and reading but its actually quite rare to find people who actually understand what the Periodic Table really is, why its shaped the way it is and why it's so important in the fields of Chemistry, biology and Quantum Mechanics.

    When All the Elements are restored to their correct positions, a complete and accurate numbering system can be applied and then the Foundation of Chemistry actually provides great evidence that we were Created by God. Not just any God either but the God of Genesis.

    I know this may sound a little crazy, but if you haven't figured it out yet, let me just tell you this right now, the Truth is much stranger than fiction. If you are interested in hearing more about this, the best way is to pick up a KJV Bible or Hebrew to English Torah, turn to Genesis 1, Chapter 1 with a Periodic Table of Elements in the other hand. If you want the dots already connected for you, you can visit my Facebook page at

    You can also always ask me questions about things that are unclear about my work and I'm always down for respectful debate if you look at the material and are still not convinced. One thing I know for sure, after being an athiest for over 30 years, the more you research Genesis in this context, the more clear it becomes that Genesis was meant for unlocking the mysteries of the Periodic Table of Elements.

    Lastly, if you are ever in the Denver or Littleton, Colorado area, we can also talk face to face, get some rolls in and you are welcome to come train at my Jiu Jitsu Academy, The Foundation Training Center. For the complete schedule go to

    Thanks for reading and hope you find this thought provoking.
    God Bless

    Justin Colburn
    The Foundation Training Center
    A Proud CSW Affiliation


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