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    Ammonia smell on some weed explained a bit...

    My understanding of it is if its not from a pesticide then the nugs were just really old. Its not mold generally but give her a good look. 6 month old sealed weed no temp control. Only freezer bud will keep for long periods and retain its original goodness. Old bud is great for me it has a more narcy stone and takes longer to kick in.

    I only get a bad cough or irritation if its a bad hostile mold of chemicals. But 100% organic nothing I'm fine. Just don't pay top dollar for it unless the effect warrants it. I bought a shit ditch weed once cuz I knew it was all natural and the smoke session had a banging effect that like 40$ n 8th. But if its not a serious great effect I would not drop the cash.

    Most people bud if its got that ammonia 3/4 off or I don't want it or like 80% off. 5-10$ 8ths.

    Unless you have an epic store next to you most are having to deal with the new base bud... Looks good smells good has an effect but 2hrs later you need more.

    Either way if your at the store n its not legit catpiss type strain ask for a huge discount for giving you really old bud.

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    Ammonia smell is from a bad cure job.

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    If it's freshly harvested product and it smells like ammonia then it was most likely placed in the cure too wet. First it smells like hay and then it degrades. Not unhealthy but (unless its got mold / mildew) it will not taste good.

    As it ages and gets really old then even well cured weed will take on an Amonia smell. I don't know why. I rarely see that happen.

    Either way move on to better cured or fresher weed. Why smoke shit when you can smoke good stuff?


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