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    What's the secret behind hacking?

    Like what skills would you need to be a hacker? I know it can't be guessing passwords, unless there is some program you can apply that enters all possible passwords. Is it identifying computer code? How would you even get into a situation where you could see the code in a website or server?

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    sql, xml, css, some of the pretty basic things you absolutely need to understand to even fathom how to genuinely hack something, and then you'll know how to use some sort of program that someone else has written to get shit done. Actually though, you can literally google search how to hack, and with a little common sense, you can learn a lot

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    The secret is not that big. Of course for in some cases you would need basic programming skills is css and java maybe. But there are much easier and more popular ways to hack. In my opinion one of the most popular is hashing. There are services which provide power of gpu to have enough performance for hashing. One of great exmaples is I have use it several times to recover my own password which I have forgotten, but it could be used in hacking very succesfuly.

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    I think that it would also help to have a some reasonable mathematics knowledge in areas of probability and statistics.

    There are some very powerful tools already developed; however, an understanding of the mathematics behind the different encryption methods is what it takes to make and break ciphers. A hacker can be a person who studies a system so well that they are not limited by that system's original rules and can modify it in creative ways. A hacker can also be a criminal who breaks into computer systems, violates peoples privacy, and causes damage. Hackers are cool. Criminals are just people who think they are being clever by breaking stuff.


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