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    Driving through Oklahoma Weed and Casinos

    Last weekend, I was on a road trip and took a shortcut through Oklahoma down highway 69 to Texas. I walked past, I think, 7 or 8 casinos, and there were so many marijuana dispensaries that I couldn't count them. There were several small towns along the way that were small and would have 5 or 6 along a short stretch. Are there really so many people who have cards to support so many stores? I also wondered if their doctors who just write scripts are like a money-making scheme or what? Looks like someone's making a lot of money out there.

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    We have had legalized sale of pot for several years. There in now a glut of marijuana and competition has forced some shops to close. I think a lot of people jumped in hoping to make a fortune before this happened. Probably the same thing is happening in OK

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    Legal Cannabis is fairly new to OK. As with anything new, it's going to have a huge initial surge and that's what you are seeing. Most Southern states that have medical marijuana are pretty laid back on what your physician has to go through to be able to prescribe it and I think that's a big part of it, too.


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