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    Whats this position called??

    So if the top guy has gone into twister side possish but bottom guy still has a lockdown and possibly still the underhook. What is that pisition called? Twister top half?

    And more importantly what are the pathways from there? Could some one suggest episodes where eddie talks about this....

    I know theres an arm triangle from bottom guy that i have accidentally found myself in occasionally but would love more details.
    I also feel like i can stomp a butterfly in and try for a sweep but that always seems to let top guy kick his leg past and finish the pass.

    Thanks team!


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    Eddie talks about it in MTS 20 at 41:07.The twister side control with the leg trapped in half guard is called the twister pass and also the arm triangle is called Apollo, where there's both the sweep and choke.

    I've also had trouble getting the stomp for the sweep or the tap from the choke, but was planning on coming back to it soon


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