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    10th Planet Los Angeles

    All aquarium owners, please, pay attention to this post

    Sorry, friends that I post exactly here but I don't even know what to do
    Recently some odd things appeared in my aquarium, and I don't even know if they're dangerous...
    Please, advise me what to do?

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    These are Bristle worms, and not the ones beneficial for the aquarium. I'd suggest you killing them immediately. The sensory hair is specific to them. You're free to search on Google ways to remove them.

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    Yep - Bristle Worms. Fire worms to be more specific. Do you have a clue how do they got into your aquarium? They should have done a long way before getting into your aquarium. You don't have the chance to see them often, at least if you're not a diver. But they are beautiful, isn't it? I would want to keep some in my aquarium as they are full of color and give an exotic look to it. On ARC Reef they say that these worms are pests, ca you believe it? Such beautiful creatures and considered pests?


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