10th Planet Downtown Los Angeles (Headquarters)


1314 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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Eddie Bravo, a 3rd degree black belt under the legendary Jean Jacques Machado, started training BJJ in May 1994. He won the Abu Dhabi North American Trials lightweight division on October 5, 2002, in San Diego, California — earning the “Most Technical Fighter of the Night” award.

He then advanced to the 2003 Abu Dhabi Championships in San Paulo, Brazil, where he secured a submission win over legendary Royler Gracie.

Since then Eddie Bravo has published 4 books on Jiu Jitsu, released 3 DVDs and is also known for his mixed martial arts commentating on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and for his music composition.

**10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is a unique style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is located in Downtown Los Angeles. Eddie Bravo, himself, teaches 6 advanced Jiu Jitsu classes weekly at 10P HQ in Downtown LA. In addition to those advanced classes, there are 13 more advanced level classes offered to students at the Downtown LA Jiu Jitsu school, which focus on ultra high level clinching nogi Jiu Jitsu. For beginner students, there are 19 classes offered weekly; these include, fundamental classes, wrestling, and mixed level. 10th Planet HQ in Downtown LA also offers 5 kids Jiu Jitsu classes Monday through Friday. Each kids Jiu Jitsu class is specifically designed for absolute newbies with safety being the highest priority.
10P HQ in Downtown LA also offers private lessons with several of our instructors at an additional price.

Email Eddie Bravo directly for sign-up information, directions, prices, and parking info at eddie@10thplanetjj.com


Scott Ross
170 lbs / black belt / 323-821-0820
Specializes in straight ankle locks, lockdown half, guillotines and rubber guard
$100 per hour

Jovan Graham
170 lbs / brown belt / 562-244-6377
Specializes in lockdown half , twister and rubber guard
$80 per hour

Eric Ramey
180 lbs / black belt / 201-390-6875
Specializes in Leg locks  and 10th Planet techniques
$100 per hour

Matt Dempsey
170 lbs / brown belt / 267-265-0938
Specializes in spiral guard, deep half, lockdown half and everything twister
$80 per hour

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