MTS 115: The New C4

00:01:40 EBI 9 Open Music Video

00:05:31 Warmups C1 – Pressure Passes

00:16:28 10p Downunder Training Camp 2016

00:20:13 Warmups C2

00:22:38 10p Rochester Highlight

00:28:17 Warmups C3

00:34:22 Richie Boogeyman Martinez No Gi Worlds IBJJF

00:38:20 A Word On Warmups

00:40:30 Richie Boogeyman Martinez No Gi Worlds IBJJF

00:41:51 Warmups C4

00:51:00 Fedor Melianenko Commercial

00:53:33 Flat Mode Armbar

00:59:22 Cora Sek JiuJitsu Kumite 9

01:02:53 Quarter Shell Leg Lock Flow

01:14:00 Gustavo Amsterdam – Dutch Grappling Championship

01:17:12 Inversion to Triangle

01:23:34 JiuJitsu Street Fight

01:24:24 Jackie Chan / Imanari Drill


  • Michael

    This episode will be up shortly

    • Prince Randorson

      Fuckin honey dickin me over here.

    • battaile

      still not working for me

  • Michael

    I’m having internet connection issues while traveling. I’m getting on it as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay

  • Zsolt

    Oups !
    Le code d’intégration de cette vidéo n’est pas valide.

  • Khrys

    Come on son

  • Jeff S

    The anticipation is killin’ me! 😀

  • Andrew Beckman

    Thanks guys ive been hanging out for this one like an addict
    much love 10P

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