MTS 117: DeSev Revisited

00:01:40 Liz Carmouche UFC 205

00:03:07 Warmups H2,3,4 – Open Guard

00:07:21 Wegi > Single Ashi, Berimbolo Counter, 10p Bergen

00:07:45 Honey Roll > Out/In/Upward Honey Hole

00:10:33 Leg Entanglement in the scramble

00:12:06 Fallen Soldier Trailer by Bobby Razak

00:14:02 Detanglement Drills

00:15:49 Standing/Kneeling Spiral/X-Guard Drill

00:19:57 Spider flushed from ear

00:20:51 Recovering from scramble

00:21:44 Deep Half/Berimbolo/Standing Ashi Drill

00:27:26 Tuna 10p Coquitlam

00:30:05 Никита Морозов (Niko) Promotion

00:32:10 Kristian Lovric We Love MMA

00:37:29 Honey Flow Variation

00:39:12 Attacks from body triangle (Anaconda)

00:42:45 Pre-web

00:45:20 Rolling Kimora 10p Boulder

00:45:52 Sean Applegate, Sapatiero 2

00:47:14 Dan Severn

00:51:26 Body Triangle Escape Scott Ross 10pHQ

00:53:08 Art of Combat Highlight 10p Rochester

00:58:31 Body Triangle Escape

01:03:18 Dan Severn Continued

01:15:06 Joey DiSalvo 10p Rochester

MTS 118: 2 Things in Mexico

Mexico City Seminar

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wild beast, rubber guard, interviews

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MTS 115: The New C4

Warmups C4

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MTS 114: Tentacle

warmups D, fishnet, truck, leg locks

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MTS 113: Camp Cucuy

Big Bear, Rubber Guard, Safe Haven, Invisible Collar

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MTS 112: The Ditch

The Ditch

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MTS 111: Shuck, Squeeze, Jump, Cliff

Leg locks, Homie Control

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MTS 110: Anti-Leg Lock Game Part 2

Leglocks, fishnet, under jack

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