MTS 119: Next Level Twister

00:01:50 Marvin Castelle FTW 24 Behind The Scenes

00:05:26 Imanari / Jackie Chan

00:06:53 Warmups D4 – Standing Passes

00:12:16 10pQ EBI 11 Highlights

00:14:45 Truck

00:22:13 Next Level Twister

00:23:41 Marvin Castelle Profile

00:27:09 New B2 Ending

00:29:58 Warmups B3 – Hail Mary’s

00:33:32 Warmups B4 – Hail Mary’s

00:35:27 Apple iTunes is Censoring Joe Rogan Alex Jones JRE #911

00:41:42 Brandon Lim 10p HQ – Subfighter Classic

00:45:18 10pQ EBI 11 Behind the Scenes

00:47:43 Sound Proof Booth

00:49:30 Imanari / Jackie Chan

00:50:41 Geo Martinez’s victory over Eddie Cummings

00:57:19 Hook Thieves – Wrath of a Menace Feat. DMX

01:02:14 Swedish Twister Drill

01:12:31 Know when to keep fighting and when to bail

01:15:10 Abubakr Rajput 10p London LFC 5

01:21:14 Ryan Scott 10p London UWC 26

01:25:56 10pQ EBI 11 Behind the Scenes EBI 12

01:31:56 EBI 2 – 155lb Finals Denny Prokopos vs Nathan Orchard

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