MTS 121: Warmups F 2017

00:01:40 Intro to 10pHQ
00:02:39 Warmups E4 Electric Chair Battle
00:04:37 Imanari/Jackie Chan
00:08:13 Evolving the Warmups
00:13:40 Liz Carmouche, Geo Martinez, & Eddie Bravo at EBI
00:17:18 Intro to 10pHQ
00:18:08 Cannabis Warning
00:18:124 Warmups F1 Butterflies
00:26:47 Warmups F2 Butterflies
00:35:17 10P London Intro and Highlight
00:42:24  Warmups F3 Butterflies
00:47:20 Warmups F4 Butterflies
00:49:57 Jean Jaques Mount Escape Detail
00:51:35 Kindergarten Flow
00:52:11 Live Cocoon Drill
01:00:27 Marvin Castelle Sub fighter
01:01:33 Akira Bua 10pHQ in Comp
01:02:33 Rorion Gracie on Combat Jiu Jitsu
01:05:50 Eddie Bravo Datsusara Signature Gi Pants
01:06:26 JM Holland and Nick Honstein in Combat Jiu Jitsu
01:14:36 WOW Keta Rush Highlight
01:17:12 Nick Honstein’s Twister in Combat Jiu Jitsu
01:17:47 Twister Battles
01:23:08 Baseball Bat Live Drills
01:26:03 Dave Chappelle & Jimmy Kimmel on Flat Earth
01:29:01 Knowing when to Transition
01:31:19 Datsusara Promo Shoot
01:31:48 Cora Sek Jiu Jitsu Kumite 13

  • Orkhan Iskenderli

    Always interesting to watch and learn. Thank you for this opportunity. Shout-out from Azerbaijan.

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