MTS 122: The Power of The Underhook

00:01:40 Intro to HQ

00:03:14 Flat Earth vs other conspiracies (10th Planet Nibiru)

00:11:05 Grace Gundrum fight to win pro

00:15:33 Warmups B1 – Hail Marys

00:16:57 Warmups B2 – Hail Marys

00:20:55 Warmups B3 – Hail Marys

00:21:38 Warmups B4 – Hail Marys

00:25:58 ADCC North American Trials 2017 (Ricky Lule and Lynn Vuong)

00:28:05 Kindergarten Flow

00:28:49 Developing a good clinch

00:35:43 Fedor Emelianenko vs Dan Henderson

00:44:44 Homie Control to Cliff

00:48:52 Developing a clinch game

00:51:28 ADCC North American Trials 2017 (Luis Quinones, Marvin Castelle, Ricky Lule)

00:54:47 History Lesson

00:58:20 #EndFlatEarth

00:58:58 Warmups A2 – Granbys

01:02:39 Cora Sek Jiujitsu Kumite 13 (MTS 121 talk)

01:08:38 Sean Applegate 10p Gulf Shores Head – Texas Submission Hunter 9

01:10:29 Warmups A3 – Granbys

01:14:23 Warmups A4 – Granbys

01:15:46 Live Drills Triangle

01:18:44 ADCC North American Trials 2017 (Luis Quinones, Marvin Castelle

01:23:51 Warmups D1 – Standing Passes

01:29:50 Warmups D2 – Standing Passes

01:34:18 Brian Debes 10p Beaumont Head

01:36:55 Warmups D3 – Standing Passes

01:40:06 Warmups D4 – Standing Passes

01:44:06 Kindergarten Flow

01:45:51 Knee Pummel, Plank, Recover

01:46:23 EBI OT Spiderweb Options

  • Oscar L Garza

    I totally watches Eddie’s podcast and I’m starting to believe in flat Earth

  • Josh Mason

    Is there a MTS that shows the ‘reverse lockdown,’ and also what to do when you have a lockdown and trap their arm behind their back?

  • Cheyenne Piper

    Havent watched videos in a while,can someone point to which video where the position at 15:53 is explained .The way that he lock the persons hands with his leg after going to outside ashi ?

  • Eric Andersen

    I’d be pissed to pay premium money to go learn from Eddie just to hear about Flat Earth

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