MTS 124: How U Gonna Capture?

00:01:40 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Commercial Shoot (Triangle Escape)

00:10:26 Tony Ferguson UFC 209 Countdown

00:12:54 ADCC Riddle: How do you do jiu jitsu with someone who doesn’t engage?

00:24:15 Tony Ferguson UFC 209 Countdown

00:29:20 Riddle continued

00:38:45 Knowing the power of the underhook

00:46:53 10p El Paso seminar tease

00:47:32 Warmups A2 Explained

00:54:02 Warmups A2 Granbys

00:58:57 Scott Philips 10p Mobile

01:03:09 Warmups A3 Granbys

01:10:17 10p Lombard – Hindulotine

01:12:41 Hester “Twister Brothers” 10p Omaha

01:15:57 Warmups A4 Granbys

01:25:19 Aaron Pico – Belator MMA Fighter

01:30:07 10p Bergen

01:31:00 Marvin Castelle Class – Kindergarten leg lock flow and spiderweb

01:32:26 guests 10p Bethlehem heads Zach Maslany, JM Holland and EBI competitor Grace Gundrum

MTS 132 Heel Hook From The Lockdown

Nathan Orchard, Warmups C

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MTS 131 The Truck In Big Bear

Tony Ferguson, Twister Side, Santos

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MTS 130 High Level Lockdown

Electric Stone Sweep, Marvin Castelle

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MTS 129: Polishing The Twister Pass

Warmups E, D, G

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MTS 128: Advanced Back Escapes

Back Escapes

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MTS 127: The Slow Vape

Warmups E, A, Rubber Guard with Jeremiah Vance

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MTS 126: Breaking Down F & G

warmups F & G

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MTS 125: D & H Update

Warmups D & H Update

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