MTS 126: Breaking Down F & G

00:01:54 Warmups F1 – Butterflies

00:05:50 Brandon McCaghren – Invisible Jiu Jitsu

00:10:16 Warmups F2 – Butterflies

00:14:58 Warmups F3 – Butterflies

00:17:37 Warmups F4 – Butterflies

00:19:56 Eddie Bravo on Standup Comedy

00:21:32 Origins of 10th Planet

00:29:20 Kyle Boehm – Onnit Invitational 4

00:36:48 Knee Damage

00:38:44 Warmups G1 – Top Half Passes

00:46:57 Shark Tank Rolls – Lila Smadja & Lynn Vuong

00:50:37 10p Atlantic Beach NAGA

00:51:58 Warmups G2 – Top Half Passes

01:06:32 10p Boulder Highlight 2017

01:14:06 Warmups G3 – Top Half Passes

01:23:28 Bill Cosby after a mistrial

01:27:37 Warmups G4 – Top Half Passes

01:43:59 Butterfly Choke – Brandon Ryan

01:44:50 Importance of Warmups – Fundamentals vs Advanced Class

01:51:35 Jiu Jitsu’s Worst Nightmare – High level wrestling

  • jorge sosa

    I wish you could show more examples of the F drills. I think for F1 it was just theory and the video never ended up showing the execution of the drill.

    • Juan Rascon

      MTS 121 is a full breakdown on new F warmups

  • John Potsiadlo

    great video quality

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