MTS 136 Return Of The Flying Kung Fu

00:02:14 10pHQ Intro

00:03:22 Warmups D1 – Standing Passes

00:05:45 Warmups D2 – Standing Passes

00:09:18 Warmups D3 – Standing Passes

00:11:11 Warmups D4 – Standing Passes

00:13:19 Breaker Flow

00:13:52 Frank Barca – Entrepreneur, Motivator, Coach, Fighter

00:12:56 Preschool Flow

00:25:20 DMs – Positional Drills

00:28:21 10p Melbourne Highlight 2018

00:33:31 Pyramid

00:38:45 Warmups F1 – Butterflies 

00:40:25 Pressure Passing – Counter Strategy

00:44:00 Warmups F1 – Butterflies  with Geo Martinez and Ben Eddy

00:45:52 Full Guard Game

00:47:57 Jeremiah Vance FTW 56 – Gogoplata

00:51:02 10p Joensuu Highlight 2017

00:54:42 Warmups F4 – Butterflies

00:57:34 Rubber Guard Path – Flying Kung Fu

01:07:35 Rubber Guard Path – Flying Kung Fu Cont’d.

01:12:43 Ben Eddy Training with Combat Jiu Jitsu Rules

01:15:26 Jeremiah Vance FTW 61 – Heel Hook

01:16:50 Sam Faron 10p Enterprise

  • MasterDDS


  • Andrew Beckman

    Preschool time stamp does not give the correct pathway?

  • Kink Crate

    Jeremiah’s sub is the sub of the year!

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