• petenguyen

    That song at the end is boss

  • evan.carrigan

    haha whats with that hoger?

  • evan.carrigan

    or is it hobert? or heter?

  • KevinPsychoSilva

    yo what’s the deal with Renato? is dude for real? i feel like im on the outside of some inside joke. no disrespect to homeboy, but he’s pretty fukn classic. looked like Joe was bout to go gorilla on his ass

  • Mikediaz14

    Joe Shoulda kicked that brazilian puto in the head.

  • JP Morris

    The at the end is like a sweet reedit of “4 walls” by black light burns

  • Dawesy

    That guy Renato… scares the shit out of me..is he mental or is this whole thing an Eddie Bravo set ut? There would seem to be collision on the horizon..cant wait.
    Gracie Barra Walsall England

  • wasname

    Aussie… Aussie… Aussie!!!!

  • http://marisolperry.co.cc/ Marisol Perry

    haha whats with that hoger?

  • http://latoyabridges.co.cc/ Latoya Bridges

    Aussie… Aussie… Aussie!!!!