From: Joey Krebs the Phantom Street Artist
To: Percy Crawford
Re: FIGHTHYPE Exclusive Photographs and Feature of Eddie Bravo Debut
Performance at Viper Room 110309.000

Greetings Percy Crawford,
  Sunday    night on the streets of Los Angeles after painting the city
walls till the morning light   with tags of social political commentary.
Our  time   calls for  courage not  fear in calling out  Greed and
Indulgence  through   simple question which  calls  our  age in question.
Eddie Bravo’s band "Compella and the Twister" is the Question and the
Answer,   Bravo’s group performed to a packed audience at the Viper Room on
November 1st 2009!

WHO: Eddie Bravo’s band "Compella and the Twister"
WHAT:  Debut Première Performance at the Viper Room
WHERE:    THE VIPER ROOM 8852 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood CA 310-358-1880
WHEN:   November 1st 2009

  Like the great descent into Hades which was one of the secret ancient
teachings preserved in the form of ritual as  Music…. my soul  experienced
and  heard  an  unique sound  like that of men who on the  battlefields who
are undergoing period  of  great  transformation. In an  age  where
Integrity and  Art has  lost its  place among the  great  halls  of  History
and in its  place  stand only  its exchange  Mammon.  Bravo’s work is
Sincerity unveiled!!

 By chance the Phantom Street Artist was given   the opportunity to attend
Eddie Bravo’s premiere rap metal act "Compella and the Twister".  Eddie
Bravo is a true disciple of today’s   Mixed Martial Artist   where the
Visionary Master meets and becomes many forms!!

On the scene were label owners Mark Nason, rock god-star celebutante Jane’s
Addictions Dave Navarro and Rick Torres led guitarist and founder of the
Supreme Beings of Leisure!
On the strip of where the sun never sets and out of the cage were many of
the MMA Souljahs of our community like 10th Planet friends, the voice of the
UFC’s Joe Rogan !  Special guest appearance for the evening included Joey
Karate with backup support from Fighter and Actor Jason Chambers and former
host of "Human Weapon" on The History Channel.

Chambers said, “I was shockingly surprised   that Eddie Bravo was better at
Music then he is at Jiu Jitzu.”Whats the word in an age where Clarity can
only be simple revelation?  Eddie started Jiu Jitzu at   the ripe old age of
24 and has been passionately involved in writing music since the age of ten.

In a world where the consumer has become consumed Salvation is not in being
bought out but in buying Bravo latest release!!

On the Scene with the Unseen!!
The Phantom Street Artist
WEST KOAST   Los Angeles Correspondent

I am a true wrestler and FIGHTER 4 Life