• grappler

    why the hell its private ?

  • stavcoby

    wont let me watch 🙁

  • rav

    video is private, worst.

  • http://sorebuttcheeks.blogspot.com/ steroids

    private means u have to be a fan of the guy who uploads or sub to their channel ?

  • Useless

    thats some fun spooning at 3:30 hehe good job gabby

  • http://www.facebook.com/Spindola Fern Mogul Spindola

    Great job Gabby. She is tough.

  • Kurzy

    Good job!!

  • Matty

    I don’t know much about wrestling. Why was the boy allowed to restart in a back mount?

  • Gumby

    In wrestling a back mount doesnt get you points so a referees position is where you start in the second and third periods. The advantage to top is the possibility of the pin. The advantage imo is to the bottom because bottom gets easy escape points for escaping to the feet.