10th Planet Adelaide, Australia

10th Planet Adelaide provides an extremely clean, professional and safe place to train. 10padl runs Beginner, Advanced, Wrestling and leg lock classes fulltime! A combination of all of this enables students to experience the true mastery of the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system. The head Coach Daniel strives to enrich and level up anyone’s game no matter what the circumstance! 10th Planet Adelaide is the leading No-Gi Facility in Adelaide and have had extreme amounts of success locally and interstate!

Head Coach Daniel has trained and competed directly under Frank Barca, Australia’s first 10th Planet Black belt and owner of 10th Planet Melbourne since 2015 till present day, making the journey by plane 6 to 7 times a year. Under the direct guidance and mentorship of Frank, Daniel founded “Adelaide No-Gi Grappling” an academy striving to replicate the professional teaching style of Frank and the 10th Planet system. Daniel has competed both locally and interstate with quite a lot of success on the tournament circuit.

On September the 9th 2018 Adelaide No-Gi grappling became officially affiliated under Eddie Bravo with the support and guidance of Frank. 10th Planet Adelaide is the 4th official moon in Australia along side Melbourne, South Melbourne and Hobart.

Classes Offered:

  • Beginner No-Gi
  • Advanced No-Gi
  • Teens No-Gi
  • Leg lock Class
  • Wrestling
  • Private tuition ( via appointment)

Contact info :


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