10th Planet Banbury, UK


Banbury Martial Arts Centre
Unit 6
Riverside Business Park

Mick Broster

Head coach of Birmingham, Redditch and now Banbury (for bio see 10th Planet Birmingham)

Mick has been training in MMA and submission fighting since early 1997 starting out at one of the UK’s oldest MMA clubs – the Tap Out Academy.Mick had his first amateur MMA fight after only 2 weeks of training which ended up a draw. He turned pro in 2002 and won the TKO light heavy weight title.

Having lost two fights due to cuts at the end of his fighting days Mick was looking for a better way of fighting off your back in MMA, and 10th Planet seemed to hold the answers and after attending an Eddie Bravo seminar 2008 he became convinced that 10th Planet was the way to go.

Gavin Stewart

Has been training in Jiu Jitsu since 2009, is a purple belt under Mick Broster and actively competing all over the UK.

Gavin has been teaching at The Banbury Martial Arts Centre (BMAC) since 2015 and has had some great success with the team.

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