10th Planet Beaumont, TX

Brian Debes is a certified 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu instructor ranked under its founder, Master Eddie Bravo, and an extremely successful competitor in No-Gi grappling competitions with over 6 years no gi grappling experience.

Brian has built a reputation around out technique-ing much stronger and larger opponents. The Jiu-Jisu philosophy that victory can be achieved regardless of physical disadvantage is something Brian deeply believes and revolves his teaching style around. Brian believes working self-defense skills and even competitive achievement is available for EVERYONE willing to put in the hard work.

In 2013 Brian became the #1 ranked No-Gi grappler in the United States of America according to “RANKED” and was also voted 10th planet’s “Warrior of the year”. Additionally, Brian Debes is a City, State, Regional, and National level NAGA tournament champion.

Notable Awards:

(2013) Voted 10th Planet’s “Nibiru Warrior of the Year”
(2013) Nationally Ranked #1 Men’s NoGi Adult (according to RANKED)

Competitive Accomplishments (2013):

1st Place – U.S. Nationals Grappling Championship (NAGA), held in St. Louis, Mo
1st Place – Southwest Grappling Championship (NAGA), held in Tulsa, OK
1st Place – Tennessee Grappling Championship (NAGA), held in Memphis, TN
1st Place – Dallas Grappling Championship (NAGA)
1st Place – American Grappling Federation’s Spring Classic
1st Place – Dungal No-Gi Grappling Championships
1st Place – 4oz Sub only round robin tournament

Competitive Accomplishments (2012):

1st Place – Dallas Grappling Championship (NAGA)

Competitive Accomplishments (2011):

1st Place – World Jiu Jitsu Championship (NAGA)

We are located at:

10th Planet Beaumont
5925 Caswell Rd
Beaumont, TX 77708

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