10th Planet Bergen, Norway


10th Planet Bergen is the first official 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu affiliate in Norway. The gym is located at Nordneshallen near Bergen city centre. We offer pure nogi/10th Planet Jiu Jitsu sessions Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as well as Shootboxing on Fridays and Open Mat on Saturdays. The gym is looking to expand to offer more sessions and include wrestling, yoga and general conditioning sessions geared towards MMA, but the core mission of the gym will always be to develop a strong base of fighters for nogi submission-only jiu jitsu!

Head Instructor: Frode Nilsen is a 10th Planet brown belt and certified moonhead under Eddie Bravo. Pro MMA fighter, a longtime 10p Ronin and student of an array of different grappling arts. He started studying the rubberguard and lockdown-game during shootfighting sessions back in 2006 and was immediately hooked on the unorthodox and creative style of 10p. He has obtained the degree of 1.dan blackbelt in nogi Hokuseishinryu jujutsu and 1.dan blackbelt in Prokick-kickboxing and became the Norwegian champion in Sanshou 2009. Frode also started out with Greco Roman as a kid and has over 15 years of experience from different martial arts. He is also the man behind The Frodoplata-sub which in part led to the development of the Gogoclinch in the 10th Planet system. Frode is known to be a highly technical instructor with great attention to detail, and he will guide you thoroughly through each session, whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner. You are welcome to drop by anytime for a friendly chat and/or free trail sessions in a serious, but chilled atmosphere among great people!

Gym address: Tiedemannsgate 11, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Website: www.10pjjbergen.com
Email: 10pjjbergen@gmail.com
Phone: +47 40059110

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