10th Planet Koh Tao, Thailand

10th planet Koh Tao is located on the beautiful island of Koh Tao in the south of Thailand, We are currently south east Asia’s only 10th Planet training center.

We work in connection with Monsoon gym & fight club & offer daily muay Thai, HIIT, and 10th planet JJ classes.
After hosting several camps with 10th planet black belts Nathan Orchard & Geo Martinez, we given the chance to become Thailand’s first & only 10th planet training center.

Our mission is to provide training in a safe, clean, friendly environment. We have onsite dorms & shower facilities, all just a stone throw from the stunning beaches of Koh Tao. We host several camps each year and have hosted 10th planet stand outs such as Nathan Orchard, Geo Martinez, Kyle Chambers, Phil Schwartz and Marvin Castelle.


After living in Koh Tao for over 10 years both were introduced to Juijitsu by a brown belt who was planning to set up a club on the island. After a few months of training the coach left the island, but both Luke and victor were hooked & after experimenting with several training styles both realized the 10th planet system suited them best. They were introduced to 10thplanet JJ when Nathan orchard ran a 8 day camp at Monsoon gym, after hosting several more camps with Nathan & Geo they we given the chance to become an official 10p affiliate. Both were promoted to Blue belt in 2015 & purple belt by Coach & mentor Nathan Orchard in January 2017. Both are actively competing in south east Asia & working tirelessly to make 10th planet koh Tao the destination to train nogi jujitsu in Asia.


email :- 10thplanetkohtao@gmail.com
Phone :- +66 95 875 7486
Address :

10th planet koh Tao
monsoon gym & fight club
Koh Tao

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