10th Planet Long Island, NY


10th planet long island will be the very first 10th planet to enter the area of Suffolk/Nassau county. Carrying values of always improving, and always learning 10th planet long island is a facility where everyone from beginners to competitive Jiu-Jitsu practitioners can come to learn the No-Gi system of Eddie Bravo and push themselves to their limit. Where smiling hard and training harder is a regular mindset the energetic yet intricate teachings of our caring instructors are enough to make anyone motivated to learn 10P Jiu-Jitsu. Putting emphasis on competing and regularly placing yourself outside your comfort zone with a positive attitude behind it is enough to transform the life of people from all walks. 10PLI offers classes in the age groups of 4-7 years old, 8-13 years old and an Adult/Teen program. 10PLI also offers side fitness classes in Yoga and Kettlebell training.

Personal Biography

Steven Kasten
Phone- 631-258-2795
Email- pranajitsu@Gmail.com

Steven grew up doing Martial Arts from the young age of four. His first fifteen years on the mat were spent learning the striking art of Kempo. As a student in high school he spent all of his time instructing and studying. Soon after graduating he was introduced to Jiu-Jitsu by his Kempo instructor. Immediately falling in love with Jiu-Jitsu he knew that this was the route he needed to head down. Opening his own school was the only pathway he chose to share and obtain knowledge with students and training partners. Originally drawn to Jiu-Jitsu by the 10th Planet system years later would find himself going back full circle to it for inspiration to perceive Jiu-Jitsu on a whole new dimension. Steven spends most of his time training with friends and students, and strength and conditioning to prep for new tournament challenges looking for opportunities to grow his practice. As a 26-year-old brown belt and certified yoga instructor, he stays hungry to learn from everyone possible to help create a friendly hard working environment within 10th planet long island. When not training for Jiu-Jitsu Steven spends his time practicing meditation, hiking or enjoy the company of his fiancé.

James Hasemann
Phone – 631-905-5449
Email – Jameshasemann@yahoo.com

James is currently an instructor of jiu jitsu, and holds the ranking of purple belt. While working a full time job, James still finds time to train 6-7 days a week. During his rigorous training sessions, James works on improving his game and preparing for local competitions. James’ interest in jiu jitsu was sparked upon watching a UFC fight at a friend’s house in 2012. Almost immediately, he had fallen in love with jiu jitsu and was eager to share his passion with others. James purchased a wrestling mat, partnered up with his uncle, and began drilling moves. After learning all they could from DVD’s and YouTube, James and his uncle decided to join a local school. One year later James traveled to 10th Planet in Bethlehem, PA to attend a seminar, which was taught by Eddie Bravo. Inspired by the philosophy of the 10th Planet system and the passion of its practitioners, James vowed to bring the teachings and mindset of the 10th Planet system to Long Island, NY. When off the mat, James enjoys spending time with his fiancee and two dogs.


10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Long Island
33 West Main Street
Smithtown NY 11787
Website – http://www.10plongisland.com
Facebook- Facebook.com/10thplanetli
Instagram – @10pli

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