10th Planet Peterborough, Canada

Providing quality instruction with over two decades of experience, Stew holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do from the WTF and Than Phong Intercontinental, Brown Belt under the IJF (International Judo Federation), and a Blue Belt in Karate, and now a purple belt in 10th planet jiujitsu under Eddie Bravo. Instruction experience includes 5 years of volunteer instruction for Than Phong TKD, teaching childrens and adults classes, 3 years of volunteer instruction for the Hatashita Judo club for both children and adult classes, 2 years of MMA instruction through Eris and New World MMA, and an assortment of self defence classes for various organizations including high school physed classes.

910 High St. Unit 15
Peterborough Ontario

Instructor’s Bio:
Stew is a tournament veteran in Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and Tae Kwon Do as well as kickboxing. Stewart’s Highlights include top 3 placings in; Joslins (186lbs 3rd), Ontario Senior Mudansha Championships(under 81kg1st), Kawasaki’s Rendokan(under 90kg2nd), RMC Ontaio Qualifier (under 81kg 1st), Shin Bu Kan(under 90kgs 1st), Senior Provincial Qualifier (under 81kg 2nd), Tora Annual Tournament(under 90kgs 2nd), Brantford Annual Tourney (under 81kg 3rd), Ontario Open, Am Can, and Budokan Challenge all at Advanced or Brown/Black division .

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