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Dragon Academy/ 10th Planet Ronin
Been boxing since I punch my way out my mother's womb. My pops was strict on boxing especially on my brother and I. I've had weight issues my entire life, my pops thought it was necessary to put me down all the time thinking it make all of a sudden just make me want to loose weight (besides the emotional damage, I ended up despising him). He would buy a lot of boxing equipment on my birthdays even though it was mainly for him and my brother to use. He would train my brother and then later my brother would whoop my ass. It got to the point were he broke my nose and it has never healed/ settled correctly. I did grow up watching some of the most incredible boxers like Chavez, Camacho, Tyson, Douglas, etc. It probably wasn't til I saw my first Bruce Lee movie Chinese Connection that got me super pumped about kungfu, there was even Samurai Sundays on Channel 66 that showed all the good shit Kung Fu, Ninjas, 1000 flips in the air and tons of blood, hell til this day I still wait the American Ninja films! (Still badass even though now I see how cheesy they are). I never liked school, kids can be cruel. Not only was I the heaviest kids, I also was the tallest and everyone liked attack the giant (my WWF skills came in handy these years). In the 2nd grade my friend Joe (at the time rival) father came to school (Officer Friendly) to talk about drugs, bullying, and gangs. He said he owned a marital arts school, and gave everyone a business card that had written 1 free month, all I needed was my parents permission to go. That free month went on for almost 16 years. There is nothing like the Chinese classic martial arts movies. One day on Pay-Per-View in 92 we watched the first UFC and shit got real! There was more than just kung fu and karate, there was the world. Since then my eyes were open to Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Sumo, Sambo, Eskrima, Kali, Savate, Catch Wrestling,. In High School I ended up joining wrestling. In college I did more wrestling.Since Dragon Academy closed, I just train with a few remaining students, pickup up some new ones on the way.

The only thing I currently struggling with is my diabetes (never saw that one coming), but I guess it was for the better. Since my ER visit back in 2008, my whole family got checked out and became more open. I felt like an ass that day lieing to my doctor when I was just ignorant to my families medical history. I remember asking my moms if anyone in our family has diabetes and she lied to me, and it wasn't til after I got out of the ER I was told that my Great Grandfather died of diabetes, my grandmother at the time had diabetes and died from it (RIP). My family has definitely changed since my ER visit, they eat healthier, it went from just eating Puerto Rican food to be vegetables, juices and water instead of pop (Soda), it got to the point where my whole family was doing Zumba and fitness challenges like Biggest Loser/ 30 day challenges. It was amazing to see my family change but it made me wonder... was it a blessing that I got diabetes and made them all want to change?? For me it is all great they want to improve and change, but for me health wise it stucks.
Chicago, IL (USA) & San Pablo, Laguna (PH)
Full Contact Fightng, Submissions, Joint Breaks and Locks, Old School Kung Fu Movies, and etc
Field Training Officer


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