• The Guy

    Eddie Bravo’s first Twister was on Royce Gracie. Eddie I picked you because you were small; I like the small guy beating up the big guys. If you didn’t already know this Marcelo Garcia brought Roger Gracie to my house in the mid 90’s because Marcelo always beat Roger and he was jealous yelling “HES NOT SUPPOSED TO BEAT ME IM A GRAAAAACIE!” spazzing out, he asked Marcelo who his teacher was, he kept saying “There was one guy.” Marcelo brought him to my house. I got Roger to raise his right hand and to say “As long as I use these techniques i’ll be a Phillips Submission Fighter.” So, if you wondered why Roger wins (How a Gracie could ever beat a Phillips Submission Fighter.) It’s because Roger is the only Gracie that I trained to be a Phillips Submission Fighter.