10th Planet black belt, Scott “Einstien” Epstein, will start his work as the lead villian in Sony Pictures “Never Back Down 2″ tomorrow, September 27. I have been consulting with producer/director/star Michael Jai White (Spawn/Tyson/Black Dynamite) for the past 2 months on the script and will play the role of the ring announcer/DJ of the underground/illegal MMA event that the movie is based around. The “Compella and the Twister” song “I Did It For Jiu Jitsu” featuring Rakaa from the world renown hip hop group Dialated Peoples will be on the soundtrack and is currently slated as the theme song. Rakaa is a purple belt in Gracie jiu jitsu and is currently training under Ryron and Rener. I will fly to Baton Rouge next Monday for additional consulting and will begin filming my part at the end of October. All you Nibiru warriors out there are gonna trip on the rubber guard and twister that’s gonna make it’s way into the movie, crazy surreal shit to say the least.