Billy Howerdel

TJ De Santis

Chauntelle Tibbals & Inside BJJ

Eddie Bravo talks with Jason Singer Smith

Sasha Daygame joins Eddie, Rob,  Zach, and Justin for episode 82 of EBR


Javi Vazquez & Rose Gracie are back to join Eddie, Rob, & Zach for Episode 81 of EBR

Joe Rogan returns to join Eddie, Rob, Rick & Chai for @EddieBravoRadio #80

Former Biohazard singer Evan Seinfeld joins EBR for episode #79

UFC talk with Renato Laranja

Joey “CoCo” Diaz aka @madflavor joins Eddie, Rob, Zach. and James Watson for EBR #77

10p Coquitlam moon head Nabil Salemah joins Eddie, Rob, Zach, and Compella for episode 76 of EBR

EBI 155 Champ Denny Prokopos joins us for Episode #75 of EBR

UFC Fighter Ben Saunders joins us for Episode 74 of EBR

Eddie tells his UK Jail Story, and 10th Planet Black Belt Brent Alvarez joins us for EBR #73

Conspiracy theorist Ryan Dawson joins EBR for episode #72

EBI featherweight champ Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez joins Eddie & Rob for EBR #71, featuring guest cohost Solicit

Alien Ant Farm join Eddie. Rob, and Zach for EBR #70

Music legend, Everlast joins Eddie, Rob, Compella & Zach for EBR episode #69

Blow/American History X star, Ethan Suplee joins Eddie, Rob, and Ike Diezel for EBR Episode #68

WWE Legend and creator of DDP Yoga, Diamond Dallas Page joins EBR for episode 67

UFC Co-Founder Art Davie & EBI Champ/Metamoris Star Garry Tonon join us for EBR #66

Metamoris/ADCC star Dean Lister joins EBR for episode #65

5 Finger Death Punch guitarist/BJJ player @ZoltanBathory joins EBR for episode #64

MMA analyst Robin Black joins the EBR crew for episode 63

10th Planet Pro MMA Fighters Walel Watson & Alan Jouban join Eddie, Rob & Zach for Episode 62 of EBR

Continuum/The Scorpion King star/10pBrownBelt Victor Webster joins Eddie, Rob Bradley, @kevvy & Zach Waldman for EBR #61

BJJ American hero/EBI star Jeff Glover Joins Eddie, Rob Bradley, Zach Waldman, and Jared Carlsten for EBR Episode #60

Jiu Jitsu Filmmaker Stuart Cooper joins EBR for episode 59, with special co-host Rose Gracie.

Bjj black belt/OTM founder Scott Nelson joins EBR for episode 58

Founder of Architects & Engineers For 911 Truth, Richard Gage joins Eddie & the EBR crew for episode #57

Producer/Director/Actor/Author/EBR OG, Christo Garcia returns for EBR 56…

UFC Star/10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt, Kelvin Gastelum returns to EBR for Episode #55

Actor/film maker/conspiracy theorist/son of the legendary writer/director Oliver Stone, Sean Stone joins us for EBR #54

And Powerful Deathsquad/10P OG Tait Fletcher drops by…

Powerful 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Joe Rogan is back for EBR episode #53!

Joey Diaz, Tait Fletcher and a crew of 10P soldiers join Eddie & Rob for a special Post-Metamoris3 EBR!

Ex-CNN reporter turned Psilocybin activist @AmberLyon joins the EBR crew for episode #51


The Martinez Bros. Geo Freakahzoid & Richie Boogeyman join us for EBR #50… Freaks Don’t Sleep!

MMA fighter/Model/10pBrownBelt Alan Jouban joins EBR for episode #49

The writer of the new Godzilla/10p brown belt David Callaham joins EBR for episode 48.

My boy James Watson & my bass player cousin Danny join us for EBR 47

Deathsquad OG, Fighter, Stunt Man, Actor, Speaker, 10th Planet Santa Fe Moon Head, Pirate Life Podcast Host & Caveman Coffee Founder, Tait Fletcher joins us for EBR #46

Female UFC stars, Shanya Baszler & Jessamyn Duke join EBR for episode #45

Jiu Jitsu legend Jean Jacques Machado & Artist/BJJ Black Belt Todd White join us for EBR #44 live from The Joe Rogan Experience podcast studio.

Host of The Church of What’s Happening Now, Joey “coco” Diaz  aka @madflavor joins EBR again for episode #43

Author of post-apocalyptic novel “25 Perfect Days” Mark Tullius joins EBR for episode #42

Granddaughter of Helio Gracie/Great granddaughter of Carlos Gracie, Rose Gracie joins us for EBR #41

Writer and photographer, Nick “The Tooth” Gullo joins EBR in episode #40 to talk Jiu Jitsu, his new book  “Into the Cage: Rise of UFC Nation,” and much much more…

Kickboxing legend Kathy Long joins EBR for episode #39 founder, Budo Jake joins the EBR crew for episode 38

Fresh off his”Submission Of The Night”performance at UFC166 Tony Ferguson joins EBR for Episode #37

Gold record producer/singer for @FakeShark /my buddy @kevvy  joins us for #EBR 36

Public Enemy’s Professor Griff joins us for EBR episode #35

The Ultimate Fighter star/10th Planet Richmond purple belt Jessamyn Duke joins EBR for episode #34

UFC veteran Junie Browning joins us for EBR episode #33

Adema drummer/BJJ purple belt Kris Kolhs is our guest for EBR episode 32

Poison drummer/BJJ black belt Rikki Rockett joins EBR for episode #31

Star of  TYSON, SPAWN, BLACK DYNAMITE & NEVER BACK DOWN Michael Jai White joins us for EBR episode 30.

Guns N’ Roses tour manager Del James is our guest!

MMA referee Mike Beltran is our guest for EBR episode #28

CSW founder & MMA pioneer ERIK PAULSON is backs for EBR #27

Action movie star/bodyguard to rockstars/BJJ black belt Richard Norton is our guest for episode 26

TUF 17 winner & 10p Yuma purple belt Kelvin Gastelum joins EBR in Episode 25

Former WBA super middle weight champion Frankie Liles joins EBR in episode 24


Team Alpha Male Head Coach, Duane Ludwig returns to EBR in Episode #22

ET/Galactic Federation expert Kosta Makreas joins us for EBR episode 21

Journalist / Comedian & Host of Latin Nation TV  @humbertoguida joins EBR in Episode #20

@americandrugwar producer Kevin Booth joins us to talk about his new powerful cannabis doc in  EBR episode #19

TUF 13 winner & 10p blue belt, Tony Furguson joins us for EBR #18

CSW founder & MMA pioneer ERIK PAULSON joins us for EBR #17

Air Force veteran Kristen Meghan joins EBR to talk chemtrails and more in episode 15

Josh Freese played drums for The Vandals, A Perfect Circle,Devo, Guns n Roses, Nine Inch Nails and more..  on over 400 albums…

Rose Gracie & Javi Vazquez join us for EBR #13

The Helio Gracie of MMA reffing, Big John McCarthy joins us in EBR episode #12

The Spanish Joe Rogan, 10th Planet Black Belt Victor Davila joins us for EBR #11

Male Porn Star Ike Diezel joins the show in EBR episode #10

UFC Veteran and Team Alpha Male Head Coach, Duane “BANG” Ludwig Joins EBR in episode #9

One of my all time best friends James Watson

The 27x Mundial World Champion is our guest on EBR episode 6

Amazing artist, JJ Machado black belt & my #1 training partner from white belt to black belt joins me on Eddie Bravo Radio