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    K Madden

    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon Mccaghren View Post
    I like the video. It's put together well. Honestly, I'm not crazy about the music, though. Personal preference, I guess.

    Is it for TV or just for intrawebs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby rivers View Post
    the moment you inserted your middle and index finger forcefully yet precisely in my asshole, i knew i wanted to learn all that you could teach me.

    The promo is sick. On the real.
    Quote Originally Posted by jeremy "the gerbil" arel View Post
    bobby you did pay for an experience...i felt obliged to provide.

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    Loved that triangle at :15.

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    Jeremy, the following comment is assuming you want to use the video to help promote your academy and get more students. If that's not the purpose of the video, please disregard.

    As an online marketer, this is what I see. I think the video doesn't do enough to make your potential students aware of their deepest pains/frustrations and then convey what your school will do to take away those pains/frustrations.

    Depending on who you'd like to appeal to most (parents of children, hardcore BJJers, middle aged desk jockeys, etc.), examples could be: being bullied, feeling like a wimp, having no confidence, having an unattractive body, being overweight, parents' fear that their kids will grow up lacking self-esteem or go astray from ennui, etc.

    It was a smart thing using a female student because that conveys the idea that a fundamentally (physically) weaker individual can learn to effectively defend themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent (issues solved: self confidence, fear of being overpowered by a man). However, the average jiu jitsu newbie is going to see this video and think it looks cool but in all likelihood won't really "get it" -- certainly they might miss the connection between doing acrobatics in a kimono and how it resolves their most burning problems.

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