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Thread: Belts

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    10th Planet Walnut Creek
    From the San Francisco Bay Area California.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Brick View Post
    Be nice to him whether he deserves it or not... We are supposed to be a open minded community not mob. He got his belt from gracie university and probably lacks some common sense things you would know if you trained in an actual gym... Like humility

    Yes you can hold belts under many different people, but you will find that some of your more closed minded instructors might not be to fond of that.

    Also different people fight with different styles, a Marcelo blackbelt would probably be better at hook sweeps then the average 10th planet but we would be better at half guard. A ryan hall blackbelt would probably develop super solid 50/50 guard, triangle...
    I say BAN HIM! He was talking shit to war vet. Instant shit list with me.

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