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    Worst luck with laptops

    Ive been awayish from the forums lately because comp keeps breaking and its a bitch to post off my phone. I still read everything though.

    I had a $3000 desktop and a macbook. They both broke this year, the desktop had a 2 year warrenty, 2 months after it is up the power surges and it blows the mother board. Then the fan on the mac book breaks which causes the Logic board to break and shut down.

    So then i buy a $700 laptop again. I figure its good for about 2 years so i dont get the extended warranty. That was 4 months ago it broke 2 weeks ago. I called the store but they are systematically closing all futureshops so that store is no longer open and the other stores wont fix it.

    No real point to this thread but me venting about stupid shitty laptops and wasting +$1000 of dollars

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    That sucks. I have an iPad mini. Me and Sean both do..*anniversary gift* I love it. I get on the forum everyday with mine. $300 and Walmart has that 2 year extended warranty that covers everything you could possibly do to break the thing! The only thing I don't like is it won't let me post pictures on the a thread, but it will let me change my profile pic and avatar..weird.
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    A MacBook that broke? And I believed that they are indestructible. I have a MacBook also, the 2019 version, before it I had the 2016 version. I never had any problems with none of them. Uh... I'm lying, the only problems that I had were with the software. Although it's safe and private, it has bugs that can piss of the Apple users. Have you had the “Couldn’t Unmount Disk” Error in Disk Utility? Damn this error made me go crazy. Thanks Google for being close to me whenever I need it.
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