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    10p ~ TWISTED
    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Bravo View Post
    Listen to under the gun, rock n roll maniac, hot desert night, killer machine and rock on
    We come here to play
    Turn up the music

    I grow up listening to the pogues my brothers gave me a casete with punk from 12 countryes and irish stuck with me fo life
    They were listening to metal i never got in to it real deep but like sisters of mercy vision thing its really chill to me.
    Sisters of mercy got long songs its pretty funny i space out some times and find myself listening to the same song when i come through

    From your suggestions tho master Eddie i like Icon and i like Wasp too, Man o war got potential too what do you think of them?
    They have been to Bulgaria a couple of times but i dont drink now so i stand away from places like that , out of trouble
    We live on a bowl.

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    What do you think is the biggest weakness in your game and what are you approaching it?

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    Will you be coming to the Amsterdam camp again next year. It was amazing to meet you

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    Grove City BJJ Academy
    Will you be doing non combat jiu jitsu EBI events again? I heard a rumor that you'll only be doing CJJ for men from now on, but I still want to see pure grappling and EBI was a massive game changer for the Sub Only scene

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    10th Planet Woodbury
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    hello. im tenth planet purple belt under Nate Kleinfeld. i recenlty moved to sioux falls, south dakota. and im looking at starting a moon here. whats the best email or contact to get the details, thanks


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