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    As weird as it may sound my favorite was the Phil Baroni vs Frank Shamrock in 2007 at EleteXC lol.Because it had two guys who genuinely disliked each other and you could see that in every minute of the fight, then it seamed that Baroni was jucin' and even though Shamrock was landing damaging haymakers Baroni was still standing and fighting absorbing unnatural amounts of punishment, and the epic, almost prowrestling way the fight was finished with that RNC by Frank who then pushed the unconscious Phil to roll him over and get up lol. Plus i just loved the "go to sleep" taunts that Shamrock would do... classic, the whole fight was epic, there was everything done there that could be done in an MMA fight, and there was a ton of drama and moments of disbelief, even though the guys weren't that big and high level i highly recommend watching that fight, exciting all the way.

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