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Thread: Sports betting?

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    As said before, Bovada takes sports betting along with mma fights. After Brock Lesnar stood with the then K1 world champion (LOL), i lost my faith in my predictions.

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    Hey man! I've been betting for one year on and I can tell you that here you really can make money. So, I tried it with one of my friends and I was very pleased, because I won much more than I put on my card. I consider that this site is the best of all sites of online betting, cause it is safe for your card and for your computer, reliable in winning payment, daily fast settlement and they have a good customer support. By the way, there is a wide variety of sports, however, unfortunately, I didn't find jiu jitsu there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Rosado View Post
    Does anyone here bet on MMA? I have an insanely high prediction rate and I could use the extra money in top of my extra money. Which sites do you all use? And how quick are the payouts?
    I used to bet on football and tennis, but soon stopped because I started playing in online casinos, because here you can also win. I was looking for methods of earning and accidentally stumbled upon bet888win casino and some cool strategies for winning blackjack. At first I did not believe it, but decided to try it. I was shocked, but the strategy really worked and then I decided to quit my job and make money on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidLMorris View Post
    I bet once on mma ad didn`t do it again never. MMA is very unpredictable sport. One lucky punch can waste all your money. I have made a huge ticket with coefficient more than 5. I bet on Johny Walker, Jon jones, Woodley and two more. I don`t remember exactly. And that evening just woodley lost to Usman. I lost my 100 pounds and never made bets again. I poker power to betting. You can affect on something at least. I play at Recommend it!
    Yeah man you are right, very unpredictable sport

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solicit View Post
    Has anyone here actually withdrawn over $1000 and collected the cash?
    I collected way more than that from BetDSI. They will allow you to pull 5k per week in "cash". They'll send checks. They will also pay you in crypto if you prefer that.

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    Betting is great, however personally I prefer to gamble in poker since it gives me huge opportunities that I looked not so long ago. Have you tried poker that has a huge assortment? It's cool when there is not only default poker but also bandar poker, sakong and even capsa sasun. By the way this casino is called best poker online dominoqq. I believe it can be useful so why not try it? It's a huge possibility...

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