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    Win a FREE Hemp Lucky Gi

    This is from On The Mat's fb page...

    OTM has hooked up with the only betting site that allows you to bet on grappling, BJJ and MMA.

    We will be hosting a tournament before each major grappling or fighting event over the next several months.

    Winners of the OTM Poker Tournament will be awarded Free money & prizes to the top 9 finishers each tournament.

    Entry Is Easy and Free:
    - 1. Register for a account and download the poker client.
    - 2. Once inside the BetDSI poker client you will find the Lucky Gi Submission series in the private "invite only" tournaments tab, Enter the Password "Luckygi" and you are ready to take home a Free Lucky Gi Prize!
    - 3. WIN YOUR GI!

    You will get the chance to play against OTM Crew members Scotty & Gumby, Plus top pros like Jeff Glover, Garry Tonon, and others.

    If you are a BJJ Head and play Poker this is a don't miss fun event.


    OnTheMat FB post -

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    Hey, dear gamblers! Can you please give me a piece of advice? I need to find1 because I am planning to play with a big sum of money, and I need to be sure that it's not a scam. Thank you in advance. We can also play together if someone wants.

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    Hey guys! I am planning to start my poker career, so I wanted to ask you which is the most trusted poker online website in your opinion? I heard that a lot of online casinos are a scam, but I don't want to be fooled. I am going to play with big sums of money, and I want to be sure that it won't be stolen.


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