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    unorthodox lockdown recovery video

    hey guys I'm new to the forum (From 10p van nuys) but I was hoping to get any comments or even questions about this highlight video/breakdown. I figure this forum is the place for nerdy technique talk. I feel like I was able to control his forward movement enough but I'm wondering what more "10p system" centric players think?

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    Ronin @ Ion BJJ
    Sulphur Springs, TX
    Very nice! Sometimes I end up doing something similar but it's never a consistent thing I drill....mostly a solely-by-feel kind of situational movement.

    Btw, when he got the whizzer on your underhook, what happened next?

    Great work!

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    I work into an electric chair but don't manage to finish he wins on points, I've since stepped up my electric chair drilling.


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